Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Magnetic Closures

Good Afternoon.
Has anyone added a magnetic closure to the button hole bag?? I've had quite a few requests to add them, but how do I hide the hardware? or does anyone have a source for sew on magnetic closures? Any help would be appreciated...I have to make 5 purses within the next 2 weeks.

I have made several bags using the magnetic snaps. Some of them I have lined, and the other ones I used a ribbon that matched the color of the bag. Just attach the hardware to ribbon and then sew or glue the ribbon to the bag where you want the snap to be. You can have the ribbon go all the way around the bag or just where the snaps go. I hope this helps.
I have used a magnetic closure on a different felted bag, and I lined it as well. The closure is easy to install in a lining if you just follow the closure directions. Nany's ribbon idea is good if you don't want a lining. I line all bags I make as it looks more "finished" to me.
I have made many felted bags. I love the magnetic closures and I don't like to line bags. I purchased them from Wal-mart and Michaels. I hide the hardware with large buttons glued on with hot glue or super glue. I also found some flat beads that worked. Good Luck!
Thanks for the great ideas!!! I think I will try both the ribbon and hot glue gun ideas.I'm not into lining the bags (me no sew)
another question...
do you attach the hardware "pre felting"? i'm trying to attach post felting, on my purse, and i can't get through the yarn.
I've used the magnetic closures on several bags. I put the closure onto a piece of felted fabric and then stitch the fabric piece to the purse with matching thread. This hides the closure and gives it more support so it doesn't rip the purse. I put the closure on after felting. Hope this helps.
I put my magnetic closures in after felting but it does take some force to work through the felt. I haven't tried to put them in before felting. If you try it let me know if it works. Just got more wool to make more bags so would love any shortcuts you discover!
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