Saturday, August 26, 2006


Heartbreakingly cute times 2

Holy cow are these quick (and easy) to knit! I managed to get both done this week. The top one is done with Bernat handicrafter yarn in "Playtime" & has pink & orange fish buttons. The bottom one was done with yarn from AC Moore's mill ends bin! A pound of yarn for $5. It's the same quality as S & C & worked up beautifully! It also has fish buttons!

Those look beautiful! I just started one two days ago and am loving it. How do you go about doing the buttons/buttonholes? I love the colors!

I sewed the button on w/ regular thread. The button holes were knitted in at row 36 & 38 (you know how you're working to get back to 40 stitches doing the increase??).
Could you clarify where the button holes are a little better? How far from the edge? What kind of st to make the hole? I'm new at button holes but I want them because they seem more boyish than the ties and I'm having a boy, soooo. Thank you.
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