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Hi yal! Here is my absorba. I knitted it smaller to fit nicely in my small bathroom. It took exactly 3 balls of SnC. Two in hot blue and one in white. I used size 15 needles. I really does absorb a lot of water and dries very quickly. My daughter loves it and wants one in hot pink, orange and white. Always Knitting-Sherry

Nice, Sherry! A couple of questions: do you just drape it over the bathtub to dry, and have you tried washing it yet (curious about shrinkage)?
I laid it out on the floor to dry. I didnt wash it yet, but I did get it wet to block it. When I do wash it, I plan to just block it again on the floor, so I dont anticipate any shrinkage.
How many stitches did you cast on, actually how did you make it smaller?
Looks great! Your daughter's color choices should work up well, too. Did you use the single or double worsted? Is it three of the 2 1/2 ounce balls? Thanks!
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I used the 2 1/2 ounce balls from Joann Fabrics. I used 2 hot blue and one white and knitted all three as one. I cast on 34 stitches and worked for 11 garter ridges. Then I worked the inside bands with 6 garter ridges and the outside bands with 7. I ran out of the white first for some reason and BO with 3 strands of blue, which is fine as it just looks like a solid blue line running down one short side. I had seen the mat in the book, but didnt have my own copy yet so I just made up my own pattern. I am impatient that way! But it worked out perfectly for my little bathroom and a cute bathmat for $6. Who can beat it!!!!
Hi Sherry, Loved the mat. I was curious too about the number of cast on stitches, and amount of yarn (dbl worsted or worsted, lg balls of SnC or the regular size). Also, if you could, what are the dimensions of the mat? It really looks great in your bathroom! Thanks!
Sorry I made a mistake. The balls were the super size from Joanns. They were 4 ounce balls!!!
hi sherry -
the mat looks great - i also made a rug (tailgate) and it's good to see some other rugs on the blog! once my sore fingers recover from the triple-stranded cotton, i might give absorba a whirl.
i think the colors for your daughter will look super-cute!
This is really nice. I love the hot blue color, I have a little of it myself.
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