Wednesday, August 23, 2006


My Kimono

I have finished and gifted my first Mason-Dixon kimono. In honor of the occasion, I have written the following song which is to be sung to the tune of “My Sharona”.
My Kimono
Ooh my little pretty yarn, pretty yarn.
When you gonna be done, kimono?
Ooh you make my fingers cramp, fingers cramp.
Final stitch comin’ off the needles, kimono.
Never gonna stop, knitting rocks.
Such a pretty kind. Always knit it up for the gift
of the craftier kind. My my my M M M My kimono

Special thanks to the supreme creativeness of Elizabeth. As you can see, I not only went with your button instead of ribbon idea but also the puppy button idea, too.
Doggy Button

OK, Nicole, that rocks. Literally. Love it from beginning to puppy button ends.
Love the song! Love the kimono!
Aww I love your buttons!
What yarn did you use?
where did you get the buttons, must have them!
So funny! Could you do a tribute now using the tune to Rock and Roll Coochie Coo? Please?

I used Debbie Bliss' Cotton Denim Aran in Denim & White. I really loved working with it!

I bought the buttons at JoAnn's. They had a great selection of buttons!
Yer killin' me with M-M-M-My Kimono!!!

Or should I say, you make my motor run.....xoxo Kay
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