Monday, August 21, 2006


A Chevron Begins

I cast on a chevron hand towel while on vacation but didn't get any real work done until I got home. I really like the pink linen (Mer-Lin) but don't really care for the cream (Euroflax) as it is kind of crunchy. I am assuming it is because it is unprocessed and I am hoping it softens in the wash. You'll notice that I mistakenly added two rows to the third repeat, but I didn't notice it until I was too far past it to tink. C'est la vie!

Chevron Linen Hand Towel

The Euro-flax will soften a lot after it is washed.

I like the colors you chose.
I love the colors too!

You could just repeat your "mistake" (there are no mistakes in knitting, LOL) every 3rd row and it will look like you did in on purpose.

I too love your colors.....mistake...what are creating dahhhling...enjoy!
Ditto on the colors...and I'm also really digging those sock monkeys!
I honestly was considering making the same "mistake" every third repeat, but I know that I am sure to make many, many more.

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