Sunday, August 20, 2006


First Kimono

I have thoroughly enjoyed knitting the baby kimono. Having not had a tiny baby in my house for over 29 years, I am not sure of the length. It looks whether short. Maybe next time I will increase the length by an inch. Any thoughts on this with those who have tiny little ones and have tried one of these on?
Baby Kimono

I think it's short so that it's easy to change the diaper without the kimono getting dirty.

Also, baby tummies are cute!
What normanack said...although I do wish folks would post more pictures of a baby-type actually wearing the thing. Nice job on this one!
I'm curious, what yarn did you use?
I used Sugar'n cream - pastel print.
love the colors!
I made one for my daughter (born July 19th) and it fit surprisingly well (I had wondered about the length thing, too.) My only addition to the pattern, should I make it again (of course I will!) will be an additional button on the opposite side from where the pattern calls for the ties/buttons. I found that the "underneath" front point tended to slip out and get all wonky when she wore it.

Just wondering, has anyone adapted the pattern for bigger kiddos?
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