Saturday, August 19, 2006


variation on a theme of tailgate rug

hi everyone!
i just joined and am glad to be in the company of so many other MD lovers.
first up, i wanted to post a picture of my finished kitchen rug:

i wasn't sure about the double worsted cotton, so i used regular ol' sugar-n-cream and triple stranded it the whole way through.. and since i didn't have any rag strips, i used contrast yarn (triple again) in place of the rags.
i love the results, but i'm so glad to be finished. triple stranded cotton? ouch.

i've got a log cabin blanket in the works and washcloths a-plenty. i'll have to dig those up and snap some pictures to share.
next up from MDK? maybe the window covering.
or the felted nesting boxes.
or maybe big dotty.

Wow it looks great! We haven't seen whole lot of these. And triple stranded - your arms must be tired.
Looks great, how much yarn did the rug take???
i used 1 small ball each of sugar-n-cream for the red, blue, and yellow contrast stripes.
the main color green yarn was labeled as 'Bernat Handicraft Cotton' or somkething like that. but bernat makes sugar-n-cream, so the colors and the yarns are identical. the Bernat skeins were HUGE - like 1 pound each - and i bought three of them at AC Moore Craft Store.
i ended up with just a little yarn left over from each skein, and (for just a second) considered making matchy-matchy potholders, but honestly i was ready to be done with the triple-stranded cotton for a while.

thanks for the compliments!
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