Thursday, August 17, 2006


Airplane knitting?

Has anyone brought knitting on a plane recently? I'm heading out for weekend trip to see the parents and their new house and wanted to bring a dishcloth in progress but I don't want to end up on knitting watchlist or anything. I know bamboo needles were okay for a while, but are they still? Thanks!

I travelled on United in July but not since the new terror warning. I was able to bring on the plane my addi turbos, bamboo dpns, bamboo circulars and a metal darning needle. Since the new no-nos on flights seem to liquids/gels, you may still be OK w/these items. Check your airline website for actual banned items!
I flew back to the US from Canada yesterday (and boy are my arms tired...sorry)--even with the heightened security and toothpaste confiscation I had no trouble with my warshrag on Denise needles. Agree with Grace, though...check the website.
Check this TSA webpage on "Transporting Knitting Needles and Needlepoint"
excellent question! i was wondering the same...will be traveling soon! thanks everyone!

I travel every week for work - including the day immediately following the latest terror alert - and I have never had trouble with my (bamboo or metal) needles, in any domestic airport. I generally have 2-3 small projects with me, and my embroidery scissors. I haven't followed the TSA guidelines specifically, but I will now, including having an envelope with me in case they want to confiscate!
My friend and I had some troubles flying out of Indianapolis a year ago. We brought the print out from the web site, but they told us that did not matter. We ended up having to throw our offending knitting/sewing gear out. :(
I think within the US you are good to go. It is ultimately the individual screener's discretion, but I haven't heard of anyone having trouble in a while.

liquids - no
yarn - okay
I flew last week both before and after the security increases, and I didn't have any problems. I was scared to bring metal needles, but a flight attendant (and fellow knitter) who stopped me to chat said that all knitting needles were ok, even the metal ones.

I hate to hear that an earlier commenter had trouble though. I think I'd cry if someone took my knitting off the needles.
I'm traveling weekly for work. On Sunday I was knitting away on a new scarf waiting at the gate & also on the plane without a problem. I just make sure that I'm traveling with needles that I wouldn't mind giving up if need be.

The project that was with me here last week now spends the weekend in the desk drawer at the project site - it's on vintage needles that my Grandma knit with & I don't want anything to happen to them.

Good luck!
I just got back from a trip, too. I had no trouble w/ my knitting. So go. Knit. Have fun! --Sally
Not to be too repetative, but I also flew this past weekend out of Reagan National in DC (where restrictions are sometimes tighter) and had no problems. I tend to carry wood-tipped circluar needles as they look less threatening than straight metal or wood. And I have one of those disk/pendant scissors that they've never suspected.

Just to be safe, though, I would run a life-line yarn in case you do need to remove the needles.
I know I didn't originally post this but thanks to the person who did and everyone who responded, I fly in two weeks and now I'm completely prepared!
Thanks for everyone's comments! I hate to say that I'm wimping out and am leaving the knitting at home. I have to leave in about half an hour and there isn't room in the carry on and I don't have needles or a project that I want to risk losing.

The wrists will have a break this morning, and I will pick up a crochet project the parents have been guarding when I get to the new digs.

I really appreciate the advice, and think I will invest in some "travel needles" (not the $20 bamboos) for next time because man, is it a long train ride to JFK!
i fly nearly every week and rely heavily on knitting to keep me entertained. i've never once had a problem. if i were you, to play it safe - take plastic or wood needles (not metal). and if you're really worried about it, print out the FAA regulations and bring them with you to the airport. I can almost guarentee though, that you wont need them.
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