Wednesday, August 16, 2006


How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I have to show what I did during my 2 weeks at the beach! I love the ball band. I even left one for the people who owned the house. They didn't have a single warshrag !

What a cute photo! And leaving a warshrag for the owners is a great idea! I might have to take a vacation just so I can do that!! :-)
Love your colors! What did you use for the pink, green & yellow? I think I need to make one like that. :)
Time well spent, I'd say! They're beautiful! And you have to wonder anymore about folks who don't have a single warshrag! What kind of lives must they lead?
I lovea clothesline photo! Great colors, xox Kay
I used Peaches and Creme which I ordered on the phone from Elmore-Pisgah. I got green, yellow, hot pink and blue. The background is the P & C Fiesta ombre. It's great and I may by a whole cone of it.!
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