Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Completed ballband dishtowel

Voila, the ballband dishtowel.
It is 20 inches by 13 inches made out of Bernat handicrafter cotton. I like the way the ombre came out. It looks like clouds on a summer sky.....

Very pretty color combination.
I like that a lot. How much yarn did it take?
very pretty!
very pretty I like the colors :)
Very pretty!
I love this idea - How many stitches did you cast on?
very pretty! i like the ombre also. Very soothing colors.
Great work, I love this pattern :o)
I cast on 67 stitches. i think it would work better with 65, I had to improvise a bit. As for how much cotton, I'm not sure, I was using 2 12oz balls! there is still alot left...
Nice! I am making a towel, too...My mother suggested it after she found she liked drying her hands on the washrag I knit her. But I am just making a longer version of the 45 stitch pattern. I like the wider version you made better!
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