Monday, August 14, 2006


Stockinnette Stitch Kimono question

I think someone esle posted this before, but I can't find the post. Anyways, I am halfway through the front of my kimono. I decided to use StSt which of course has a different guage than garter stitch. Since the kimono is basically done in inches, I didn't worry about it too much. But now that I am at the increases, I realize I will run out of front before I get to 40 stitches. I could stop increasing now and make it a cardigan, or is there another option? I know others of you did your kimonos in StSt, what did you do? Now I wish I had just started in StSt instead of a garter stitch border. I could have just added the boarder on later to both the front and back.

Sorry to ramble. I started the kimono in garter stitch, but a couple of my rows ended up very loose- no clue why, so I ripped back.

Thanks for the help!

The book says the instructions are the same for both stockinette or garter stitch so you shouldn't have any problem with the front. I'm not sure what you mean by running out of the front. I've done two kimonos (both garter stitch). Did one as a cardigan. You can always stop increasing whenever you want. That's all I did to make the cardigan! Hope this helps. --Sally
Thanks for the reply. I guess what I mean is the the guage for garterstitch is is more rows to the inch than StSt (or at least it is for me) so I can get the back and sleeves done without problem because they are done for the most part as measurements, not row counts. But when I started the front, I would need at least 80 rows to get 40 stitches on the needles. I don't have 80 rows on the back body. I think I have it figured out OK and have made notes to make the next one "better". I am hoping to have it finished soon with pics. With the one side figured out, the next will be a piece of cake. ;-)
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