Monday, August 14, 2006


Yes, I gave in

And started with the warshcloths! This is number 1. Number 2 is in the same colours the other way round, and about 8 rows of bricks done.
Of course wherever ballbands lead, miters will follow. Here's the beginnings of my mitered square blanket.

I'm not sure how big I want this to be. Probably 5x5 big squares like this. I'm going for a two-tone subdued tweedy blanket in Rowan Felted Tweed.

It will probably be slow going, but feel free to follow the progress at my blog.

Great colors for the ballband. I LOVE the colors for the blanket, I'm not a huge mittered fan, but that looks great! Good luck!
The warshrag is so pretty! :)

Is that just a lighter purple solid with a darker one?

I really like your color choices with the ballband.. very pretty!! I'm addicted to them myself.
both are beautiful, i love the tweed, have a bit for a halter top to work on, but think i need more for squares or logs, not sure.
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