Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Heartbreakingly Cute ;)

I'm done with the One Piece Kimono that is also for my nephew who is due in September.... His name will be Lukas as you see! I loved knitting this one as well, very easy and fast to knit. I used double strand of Løve Babybomull (100 % cotton) on needles 4mm.
-Bente B-

"Heartbreakingly cute" is 100% accurate. And, your photography of the details is exquisite. The label you made with the baby's name is scrumptious. Very impressive, and definitely cute.

I do so love your work. And the labels are great!
Your work is exquisite. I love everything about it - the quality of your workmanship, your colors, the labels, your photography. What selvage edge did you use for the bibs? It looks like a picot edge.
it's beautiful! Have you posted how you make all the adorable labels? I'd love to learn....
Beautiful....I love the patch and the thick brown ribbon...
That is so beautiful. The tag is so cute. How do you make them?
that tag is SUPER CUTE!!
Wow, I love this--the ribbon is perfect with the light blue, and the label is great. And I love the matching hat that you made, too. I just happened upon this site, and now I think I need to make this kimono for some friends' babies!

This is a wonderful kimono. Your ribbons are lovely, and the tag is so well-done. Love the little flowers by his name.
oh man. that did it. I'm knitting it, and don't even have a recipient in mind- the colors and ribbon and label pushed me over the edgw- I'm TOTALLY copying you.
That's splendid. I love labels! CBShiffman
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