Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Absorba on the needles

Here's a pic of my Absorba in progress. I'm using three strands of double worsted PnC in shades of blue for my boys' bathroom. I ordered direct from EP for the yarn. They are very friendly and I'd recommend them if anyone wants to purchase the double worsted online. I had originally planned to try to use a knitting loom for this to spare my hands but actually found it to be much harder than just having it on the needles. I hope to do another one for my bathroom once this one is finished.

It's beautifullllll...and well worth the effort. I am dying to make one in double worsted too but I am intimidated by 3 strands, do you twist them together? Another newbie question too, what needles did you use ans will they be long enough for the whole Absorba? Keep up the good work!
Hey! Thanks very much! I just hold the strands together like they are one.I haven't needed to twist them at all. I used Denise interchangeable needles since they are really light and made the cord as long as I could. I was put off by holding three strands of such bulky yarn at first too but it really wasn't as hard as I thought.
oooh.. .the colors are wonderful! I finally bought yarn for mine, but have to get going on it.
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