Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Scribble and Nina!

I finally finished Scribble and Nina. The Scribble was a little hard for me to get into; by the time I would get a good rhythm going, it would be time to quit knitting. The ribbon is Incredible from Lion Brand and the crochet cotton is size 10 from Aunt Lydia (I think). Another one will be on the needles soon. This scarf is so stretchy and fascinating looking. My sister was totally enthralled with the movement.

Nina was knit with Tahki Cotton Classic and I used white instead of the green because I just didn't feel that brave! I added some extra sections of the pink and orange because I didn't feel 60 inches would be enough to wrap comfortably.


They both looks great! I haven't had the nerve to try the scribble yet. I'm doing the Nina in a scarf width and changed mine to white too! LOL
They look beautiful. I want to try the scribble too but I also a little nervous
They both look great -- I just finished the nina but used a light lavender instead of the green, it is beautiful. I wish I had made mine longer -- 60 is really too short.
Hey everybody -- do not fear the scribble! My scribble and I had a few, well, moments -- but I liked the process and the product enough to pick out another pair of thick and thin yarns when I was only a little ways into the first one. Kelly
Those are gorgeous. I just love that the projects from this book can be made from affordable yarns.
Love the scarf. I have one on the needles now.
I am having strange ideas about the scribble scarf...I am thinking about making it into a curtain. I have a long skinny window next to my front door and it needs a new curtain. I like the linen curtain in the MDK book, but that scribble keeps drawing me to it. Do you all think that would be weird?? LOL
I'm working on the Nina shawl right now and also using Cotton Classic. When I added the total # of rows in the pattern it seems the shawl will NOT be 60 inches long (even adding in the ruffled ends) Wondering how many skeins of Cotton Classic you used (I purchased 14) and the specifics of the rows you added (where/how many, etc.) Thanks
Your nina shawl is beautiful, I have the same question about length & where you added sections, as the number of rows don't add up to 60 inches. I just started mine & want it to come out right.

Thanks for your help
Sorry, one more question, did yours curl up while you were knitting it?

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