Wednesday, August 16, 2006


on pins and knitting needles

I can hardly wait! I just got the confirmation email from knitting-warehouse dot com, and my BIG order of Sugar 'n Cream will be here tomorrow. I feel kind of like I'm hunkering down for the long winter because I ordered one each of 46 solid and ombre colors and multiples of white, cream and ivory. I'll be knitting warshrags 'til next spring! Yeehaw!


It sounds like Christmas! Have a GREAT time with all of your yarn!! :)

holy shit!
Wow-weeeeee.....that sounds like some good clean fun!!!
what Maryse said
Thirds Maryse....I want your unbridled yarn ordering guts. I'd die if I ordered that much yarn at one time. I think I could be one happy lady if I hade each of the ombres. :D
I have to check out this knitting warehouse. I want to order a lot of different S & C's, too!
yep, folks, when I fall off the wagon I do tend to fall hard. After way too many months of a self-imposed yarn buying drought (lots of college tuition to pay and other stuff a hell of a lot less important than warshrag yarn), I hit that 'submit order' button with a lot of gusto. :)
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