Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Log Cabin Question

I'm working on my bro's log cabin blanket and made a mistake...maybe. I'm making 9 patches of log cabin, then will stitch them together at the end. After the first patch, I read the suggestion to use scrap yarn to hold the stitches instead of binding off each log. GREAT! Worked great, love it, best idea ever. BUT... now I'm on the last color for the patch and I inadvertantly put the stitches on scrap yarn instead of binding off. Then I started wondering if this would be easier when I'm stitching all the patches together - or would it look loose and ugly? I'd really like to be lazy and just work with it the way it is but if the end result will be bad, I'll rip it out. Thanks!

How about a three-needle bind off? It would be a firm and neat way to join the nine squares...
amanda's got a good idea -- but a three needle bind off will produce a chain ridge. might want to experiment first with scrap yarn to see if you like the look.

if you decide to not do that though, you probably shoudl bind off. just sewing up the stitches wouldn't be firm enough. i don't think.

again, i'd try it out first before committing.
Could you use Kitchener stitch to sew all the patches together?
I just saw a show on DIY (Knitty Gritty) where Kitchener stitch was demonstrated. Seems like a good alternative...
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