Thursday, August 17, 2006


Taking the ballband out of the kitchen

This purse pattern was inspired by the mega popular "ballband dishcloth" pattern. The dishclothes are great, but not something you can just haul around with you to show off, know what I mean? I had so much fun making this, but as Hubba Bubba pointed out, "don't you have a lot of knitted purses?" I must confess, I do. It is probably my favorite thing to make. I have 5, with plans and materials for at least one more. So this pretty little purse is headed to my Secret Pal. Lucky her!

Oooh, and ever so clever. Lucky Secret Pal indeed!
that is so cute! You are so clever!
So can I get the pattern for this beautiful piece of functional art?
Here's hoping that I am your pal!
Just to clarify, I meant the adjustments to make it a bag, not the ballband pattern, I have that part. Thanks.
I have a shoulder bag using the ballband pattern on my "to do" list. Your bag looks great - good color combination.
I'd like to see the modifications, too! My daughter would love something like that.
I'll follow up with a post of instructions within the next few days. I'm tickled y'all like it!
Love it! I must make one! I can't wait for the instructions.
It's stunning! thank you for being willing to share your instructions with us, Sarah!
That bag is adorable! When it's taken out in public, I wonder how many people will "get it" and realize it's based on the bb warshcloth?
hee hee. i know you. and you're famous now.
hey y'all, i know her.
Let me add my praises! It's cool looking and I can't wait till you post the pattern on how you did that. I've been wanting to make a bag and this may just be "the one".
Very creative.....I love the fabric lining and bamboo handles.
How lucky we are to have so many wonderful, talented knitters willing to share with the pack!
Your bag looks great! Really cool!
Oh great! Something else to put on my to-do list! (just kidding)(although it IS going on the to-do list) Good idea. Besides is it even possible to have too many purses?
That is just too much. Really. Now I'm going to be making bags like I'm crazy too...not just dishcloths! Super.. :D I bet my super tired of hearing about knitting boyfriend is gonna be THRILLED. :o) I love this idea. YAY
Great choice on the lining! I love it!
I gotta say it's great! I've never been a huge fan of felted bags,(fun to make, but just not my personal fave) but man-oh-man I can dig that ballband bag. I'm going for handles tomorrow, awaiting further instruction!
Wow! I'm VERY impressed! I'll echo those who are hoping to be your Swap Pal1 :)
Could you please post directions for your purse- I would love to know what modifications you made.
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