Thursday, August 17, 2006


Some For Me! :-)

I liked the warshcloth that I made for a friend's birthday so much that I just had to make a similar one to keep. (It's the one on the right.)

The other one reminds me of Santa Fe, NM for some reason. I guess it's the "pottery" colors.

I've been making these cloths in between sessions with a "tricky" sock pattern that I have to pay attention to while knitting. This is my "palate cleanser".

Next up --- Purple & Gold (if I can find some gold cotton). That's my school colors. I already did DH's and I'll do DS's soon (blue and yellow). It's football season ....gotta show those colors!

Check, I think there are a couple of golds.
Those a really pretty! What yarn did you use?
Great colours!
Hi Dee,

Lion Brand has a shade available in their Kitchen Cotton called "Maize". I have it and it's gold.

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