Thursday, August 17, 2006


HI! And Help, please!

This is my first post- I've been admiring (I don't like the term "lurking"!) everyone's beautiful work for a couple of weeks, but have just gotten around to joining you all, with a question of course! I'm a newer knitter (not quite a year) and this is my first non-rectangular piece, and my first MD project. Two friends were kind enough to get pregnant just as I was wishing for an opportunity to knit that adorable kimono! So when I do the increases for the sleeves, it creates a loose loop along the edge. I understand that this will probably disappear into the seam, but want to be sure I'm not doing something horribly wrong. (Trust the process?) Any help is greatly appreciated, and thanks to all for the great info and inspiration!

the loose loop is a design feature! If you don't like the way it looks, you can use a different increase method, like knit in front and back (see for video clips of all kinds of cool techniques).
PS- I tried to upload a photo, and while blogger "said" my photo had been added, c'est ne pas ici... anyone know why?
what lyssa said--and the loops will be absorbed in the seam. Also, lynne, blogger can be pretty wack with photo postings. See "Important Message~2~" in the left hand column for suggestions re: offsite photo postings (and saving bandwith).
thanks so much for your quick reply Lyssa- but I think you're talking about the front edge eyelet, which I just love, and I'm referring to the sleeve increases (cast-on three at the beginning of the rows).
I didn't like the loosen either, so I did knitted increase. (insert needle into loop as to knit, pull up loop and put loop back on left needle. Repeat as needed.) This is still sloppier than the bind-offs, but much firmer than the thumb loops.
My backward loops are always very loose and sloppy. I thought it looked horrible, but was able to absorb them completely when I seamed it. The finished product looked great!
wow- thank you all for the very helpful input! Knitters are so cool...
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