Thursday, August 17, 2006


Look what I found!!!!!!

I know I just posted earlier but I HAD to show everyone this.

Don't you just love it? I found them at the A.C. Moore near my house. As you can see that is sugar & cream. Each bag is 1lb. I almost dove into the bin and started swimming in it. They are $5 each. The store is in Danvers, Ma. but they might have them in other ones too.

Our A.C.Moore has those bags too. They have kitchen cotton and worsted weight yarn.

The colors seem limited, but if you find something you like, you're in business! :-)
What a great deal. I love bargain shopping - especially for yarn.
A great deal? and great colors? You lucky girl!
I got some at my AC Moore last week - Blue/Purple/White variegated. GREAT deal!
I picked up the yellow & am going back for the purple! Possibly the blue/white varigated too!

It's a decent quality ---I'm using it with my S & C for a ball band cloth (go figure!) & there's no difference in the yarns!
Yep, they have them here in NC, too, and trust me when I say I have bought WAAAAAY too much of it! I bet I have 15 different colors. I fully believe that it *IS* Sugan and Cream!! As someone said, the colors are exactly the same, and if you look on the labels of both, you will see that they both were made in Canada. I think the "mill" that these are the "ends" from, is the SUgar and Cream mill. Kewl, huh??
Hey - I'm from Danvers - I'll have to have my mom go check it out and see if there is more and get from her the next time I'm there :-)
Wow! What a find! I used the strawberry color for a bib- it was darling.
What a great price. Do you have plans for it yet?
Wow! I'm so sad. No A.C. Moore in my part of the country.
I'm so glad that they are at other stores. I have planned on making kimonos, bibs, and burp clothes with most of it. I have 4 woman I know who are pregnant and due between next month and christmas.
Wow, what a find!
Last week I got a bag of mill ends in white, in upstate NY. (near Baldwinsville)They didn't have any other color I cared for or could use. So today, because I had to go that way, I went to one in Orange Ct, and no (zero, zip, zilch, nada) mill end bargains to be found. I had to buy the regular stuff (holiday colors) but at least it was 97 cents.
Thanks, I ran over to our local AC Moore and found a few colors and settled on a blue green yellow white ombre. Then I used the 40% off coupon. 1#=$3 not too shabby!
Damn! I wish I had a sale like that going on anywhere near me! I'd love to puck up a bag or three.
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