Thursday, August 17, 2006



I just love this book! I've been giving away too many dishcloths so I finally made some for myself.
Thanks for looking!

Very nice and bright.
Ohhhhh -- love the one with the white.
have you used the one with the white yet? I wonder if the color bleeds into the white... such pretty colors!
yes, indeed, the one with the mostly white is very striking!:)
I like the colors of your ballband.. I made the same one in the reverse colors last week. Great minds think alike. You can see pics on my blog.
Love the rainbow one! What color yarn did you use?
hey--nice job...and I just had to comment cause I don't see too many people with the same spelling of my name!
Hey thanks! I haven't used the white one yet--I hope it doesn't bleed! I think the color is P&C Fiesta. :)
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