Saturday, August 19, 2006


New member with a Kimono question

Hello everyone, I just joined this KAL, and I'm excited to see everyone's beautiful knits! So far, I've made some ballband dishcloths and the log cabin blanket pictured above.

My question(s): I want to make the baby kimono for a friend, but would like it to be totally machine washable. Would any of you happen to know if cloth-type ribbons (satin, etc.), will make it through the wash and dry? I figure to be safe, I could just make I-cord ribbons using machine washable yarn, but was wondering if there is a more decorative solution?

Thanks in advance,

nice work!
please tell me the yarn & colors you used
take care
I've used satin/grograin ribbons on washable baby items without any problem. Most spools will say on the spool whether they are washable or not. If it says craft ribbon, it typically is not washable. You could also treat ends with fray check to make them more durable.
I used a contrasting yarn and did a crochet tie of 30 chain stitches and I really like it... so the i-cord would work. I bought ribbon, but didn't use it when I decided to use cotton yarn instead.
Hi Mary,
Thanks for the complement! I used a bunch of leftover yarns from my stash. Mostly cascade 220, Morehouse Merino, and Noro Kureyon. There was a bit of Rowan Magpie and Lorna's Laces worsted too. I went for blue/pink vs red/brown.
Dear Heather and Kathleen,
Thank you so much for your advice; it is much appreciated!
A lot of folks have also knitted in a buttonhole or two and used buttons instead.

I made two of the kimonos for my daughter (one month old today!) and I wish I had put a button on both the skinny front side AND poking through from the other side (next to the seam). The underneath skinny part (left front? I'm not looking at it) of the kimono has an annoying habit of squiggling out from under when actually worn by a wiggly infant.

Good luck!
For the kimonos I'm making I bought small buttons. The holes from the yarn-over increases stretch a little bit so they will work as buttonholes (I actually adjusted the pattern to have the yarn-over edging continue down to the bottom of the front panels). I thought this would be more durable than using ribbon since fraycheck does start to wear off eventually, with repeated washing.
I have made other things from Gedifra cotton and though it blooms, it washes well and I think the bloom would look fine on baby clothes, otherwise maybe a superwash merino?

I love your log cabin, it is beautiful.
Beautiful colors! For the kimono, I just used buttons, using the yarn-overs for the button holes. It was very simple.
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