Sunday, August 20, 2006


A Very Loud Trio

My mom and I used to joke about the very vibrant...almost obnoxious...colors my grandmother would choose for afghans. But I look at the set of dishcloths I have wrought for my own kitchen, and I find that I am guilty of the same. The colors bear no relation whatsoever to my kitchen, they were simply fun and attractive. Left to right: the first dishcloth I ever knit in a heretical/non-MDK pattern called "grandmother's favorite", the first ballband I attempted, and my first nine patch learning experience.

More glamour shots of knitting available on my sporadically updated blog.

I love the colours, they would not match my kitchen either, but they would make me smile while I do the dishes, and very little does that!
those are way-fun!
I too love the bright unexpected color combos.....not matching a kitchen seems the right way to go.....I made a ballband table runner in the same color family you used. It is a real eye popper, but I just love it.
Keep smilin'!
My grandmother used to do that too with the unfortunate color combinations! I like to tell myself that it is different with washcloths than with afghans. A little boldness in a washcloth is perfectly reasonable whereas a puke green/HOT pink afghan is a different story entirely.
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