Saturday, August 19, 2006

Gifts for my sister's birthday...The Buttonhole Bag is made with Manos and the toile lining is from scrap fabric. I couldn't resist the coordinating ipod cover and washcloth. These were so fun to make it was more like a gift for myself... Happy Knitting everyone!
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Your felting looks so nice. I love how you lined the buttonhole bag.
I love handknit gifts - they are so much more personal. Yours are super cute. I love the little felted purse and the fabric lining inside.

Is that one of those mini buttonhole bags? And how do you line them?
Hi Toni, Yes it is the mini buttonhole bag from the Mason Dixon website. To make the lining
I turned the bag inside out and measured the interior and then machine sewed the lining seams. I then handsewed to the interior at the opening and the bottom.
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