Monday, August 21, 2006


Remember my Curve of Pursuit Blanket?

Hi all,
as you know there is a picture of this blanket (not mine) in the Mason Dixon book, but no pattern.
Pat Ashforth has asked me to post here a short message. "She would love to see pictures of the Curve of Pursuit or any other of her designs. They have been inundated with requests for the booklet since they got back from vacation and eBay has been playing up a bit". So if you have a picture of a finished Curve of Pursuit or know of somebody who does , you can get in touch with Pat at . Thank you all, Monika

I was so disappointed to see the pic of it in the book and then no pattern ... I MUST GET THAT PATTERN, I do love that blanket!!!
I ordered the pattern directly from Pat some time ago because I plan to make the blanket for my niece. Pat was really helpful. I like seeing it in the three colors. It looks beautiful.
I ordered the Cushy Numbers booklet of pillow patterns which includes the Curve of Pursuit from their ebay store. I'd like to make the Curve of Pursuit blanket but I may knit too slow to ever get it a done. A pillow is doable.
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