Monday, August 21, 2006


Heartbreakingly cute is right!

I started my Heartbreakingly cute Kimono last night & am about 3/4 of the way thru! I'm using Bernat handicrafter in "Playtime"

I cheated & sewed one sleeve & front together already because I have no patience & cannot wait to see the finished object LOL!

**edited to show my pic---TY for the tip of adding the blog to my flickr!!!

Cute kimono and quick work! Love the colorway. Blogger has been really wack about posting photos lately...but since you have Flickr you can do it from there. Just choose "all sizes," download the one you want (I usually use small to avoid hogging visual space because my originals are huge), and Flickr should give you a code that you can paste directly into your post where you want the picture.
On the Flickr site, you need to add this blog as an option to send pictures to. To do that....

Sign into Flickr. Click on the "You" drop-down menu (on your main picture page) --> click "Your Account." On the "Your Account" page, go to "Your Blogs," from there click on "Add another blog." I believe it prompts you for the blog name, your username, etc. Once this blog is added, you should be able to upload pictures here just by clicking on the "blog this" buttton above any individual picture you wish to upload to this KAL.

Hope that helped.

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