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A very large undertaking, check out my Koigu Log Cabin Blankie. I have been pedalling as fast as I could to catch up with my sister, Joy, who finished hers before me. I can't begin to tell you how many skeins I used, I will just say it was a sinful amount. But oh, how cozy this blankie is, and it's all MINE. No one else is permitted to use it, under any circumstance! In fact, if caught, the punishment will be 'death by mongo-bongo'!! (an old joke, very old)

Thanks to Ann and Kay for inspiring me. And thank you to all the members for sharing, creating, and innovating new ideas.

Sara in AL

Oh no ...not death by Mongo Bongo. That would be the WORST kind of death.

(Okay ...what's death by Mongo Bongo?)
I LOVE IT!! Way to go. It looks fantastic and all that hard work was well worth it. It is absolutely beautiful and the best part all yours. Great job!!!!
Beautiful! I love Koigu and their colors. Expensive but wonderful! Great job.
I thought it was Oooga Boooga. Eh, potaytoe potahtoe.

Dee, trust me, you don't want to know!
That turned out GREAT!! You are going to enjoy getting all cozy under that forever.
Oh wow... it's beautiful!! Did you have to take out a second mortgage on your house? ;)
Wow, if I didn't have umpteen million projects in the wings I'd be ordering Koigu right now. It is beautiful.
Oh my goodness, it's stunning! Thanks for posting the pictures!
I have about 30 skeins of Koigu in various colors, and more than one of some. My only problem is that I don't have a swift and winding with just the ball wonder can be dangerous. I will wait until I convince my husband to get me a swift.

Your blankie is gorgeous. What size needles did you use?
Very beautiful, I love that. In my house growing up it was death by sa-sa pants (or was it si-si pants?, one was very bad, the other very good). Enjoy it.
Very beautiful, I love that. In my house growing up it was death by sa-sa pants (or was it si-si pants?, one was very bad, the other very good). Enjoy it.
Thank you for all your kind words. To Barb-- I used 3 different lengths of #4 needles: 24", 36", and 60". I have a swift and ball winder, sometimes I used it and sometimes I didn't. That should't be too much of a problem. My sister wound all hers by hand and she survived. Our LYS has a nice sale twice a year, that helped out a lot on the price of the Koigu. If you are ever in Huntsville, AL in December or the spring, stock up! ( My other Log Cabin KAL partner, the above owner, made a beautiful LC in baby yarns, edged in a picot stitch. Very nice! How many skeins did I use? I will post again later after I count up all the ball-bands.
I used between 30-33 skeins for the blanket and 4 for the border. All of my stripes were 10 garter rows (20 rows). I had enough to knit more, and make it larger using 8 or 9 garter rows on the stripes as it enlarged, but I didn't. The measurement of the square without the triangle border is 46" unblocked. It knitted up so straight that I didn't have to block it. It could be blocked out to make it a little larger.
This is so unbelievably gorgeous! And, it settled an issue for me once and for all! See, back in May I purchased a {very large} quantity of Koigu Kersti to do a rambling rows afghan. Then I found the book, and saw all these lovely log cabins and was immediately torn. Thanks to your beautiful blankie, I made it through 4 logs and started the 5th last night/this morning. Thanks for sharing and inspiring - you tipped me right over the edge! ;}
Your blanket as gawgeous, but I also love the bathing beauties art behind it.....very nice!
Thanks for the info. I just have to get myself in the right mood to wind it all. lol

Wish me luck.
Did you plan ahead what colors would go where or did you just wing it? This is so beautiful and so pleasant to look at, it looks carefully thought out. Just wondering. Thanks. --Sally
The blanket is absolutely beautiful.
To Kinderhook: I picked out all of my very favorite Koigu colors to make the LC blanket. Then, I layed out a few of the colors that looked good next to each other. Sometimes others wouldn't look good directly above each other, but were fine meeting at a corner. I felt this gave it an overall good look. And with so many varigations, most looked good together. Does that make sense? Thanks for your compliments.
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