Monday, August 21, 2006


How much linen?

I have decided to make a set of towels for a bride-to-be and am considering buying the Euroflax in a 1/2 lb cones to save some $$. Anyone know how much it takes to make one of the moss grids? I'm trying to figure out how many cones I need.


PS see my blog for my first ever contest!

I think that the moss grid takes one hank, correct? The cone is about 650 yards. You should, and I don't know for sure, be able to get a set of two out of one cone.
Thanks, I was wondering if there's much left from that one hank...
I actually came up an eentsy bit short on the first one I just finished! I realized I was coming up short so I reduced the repeats of the center part of the "grid" by 2 rows on my last repeat and ended up finishing with about 10 inches to spare.
I came up just a few rows short on my towel,too, but don't think anyone will notice. And I love the way it softens up when you wash it.
I added more rows to my first handtowel and actually had yarn left over. I did use a size smaller needle than the pattern calls for.
Thanks all. I ended up ordering 4 cones... we will see how many I can get from that! I will try to post an update here, I will for sure in my blog.
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