Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Felted Boxes felted at last

Thank you for all the good suggestions on how to get the felted boxes to felt. Here is my first set. They've been sent off as a long overdue wedding present. (Practically a first anniversary gift acutally)

I learned a lot about felting on this project - mostly that size 10.5 needles on double strand bulky is way, way too small. In fact, a correction has been made to the pattern. It now calls for 15s. I think that might have made the felting easier. Nonetheless, they did eventually felt and they are a lot of fun to make. I may try another set in bright pinks and purples for my 4-year-old.

I made a box last week and also noticed that the 10.5 needles were way too small. I had a hard time getting the box to felt enough. But I will be making more on the 15 needles.
I am going to try the boxes using three strands of wool, the Lambs pride bulky is quite pricey. I tried it with the buttonhole purse and it worked great.
Love the colors on your boxes, really bright.
I use mine for all kinds of things, the small one is great for CD's in the car
I made the boxes with WOTA from Knit Picks...inexpensive, and felts beautifully. The small box was knit double stranded on 10.5's, and the size after felting is a cube about 4.5".
These look great! Love the colors
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