Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Mason Dixon Layette

I call it the Mason Dixon Layette. It contains the Heartbreakingly Cute Kimino, the Baby Bib of Love, and the Baby Genius Burp Rag. To round out this gift I made booties and a hat. The color of the hat and bib and booties is S&C Swimming Pool. The kimino is S&C Hot Blue, the burp rag is S&C Hot Blue and White. I had never made booties before this or anything like the kimino. I found bits and peices of the Kimino pattern confusing but I understood what it was getting at so it turned out alright. These are for a co-workers new grand baby due in October. It is supposed to be a boy, I like these non-traditional shades of blue as an alternative to true blue or powder blue.

I also have a white Asorba Bath Mat on the needles and the other day I bought some Sage and Eggplant Euroflax Linen. Very pretty. I've done the ball band and mason dixon round wash cloths. I can't believe how many patterns I'm making from this book. I only learned to knit earlier this year and after looking at other knitting books I have decided that the Mason Dixon book makes knitting seem "accessable". Many of the patterns I look at and think "I can do that!". Plus the the photos in the book are lovely.

Thanks for looking, Amy

This is adorable. That's really all I can say. =) I have a relative that'll be having a baby, and I think I might just copy your idea! Great job!
You should be very proud of yourself. Everything looks great.
Great choice on the colors! the whole set looks great!
Great job, Amy! I love your colors and how it all goes together without being too matchy-matchy!! Where did you get your hat pattern? I'm looking for a newborn hat pattern and don't want to buy one! Thanks --Sally
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Where did you get your bootie pattern?
This is way too cute :-)
Adorable!!!! What a great gift ;)
What a great idea!
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