Wednesday, August 23, 2006


HI! My name is Sherry. I recently started knitting and love it! I was a reluctant knitter, a friend of mine had started and wanted to teach me and I just wasn't interested. Who needs another craft to start????????? But she was knitting such beautiful things and the best thing happened!!! Our daughter is expecting a baby!!! So my friend said, "You have to learn to knit now. Think of all the baby things you could make." So I started and am completely and hopelessly obsessed. I cant stop!!! We love the Mason-Dixon book and viewing all the beautiful things everyone has done. So here is my first contribution! The baby kimono is so easy to do and comes out so great. I used TLC Cotton Plus in Medium Rose. The baby is obviously a girl! Always Knitting-Sherry

This is very cute! I love what you did with the ribbon! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! You will have one cute and spoiled grandbaby! :)
I can attest that she def. will have one cute and spoiled grandbaby ;) Congrats, Sherry, I think it is just adorable and I love the ribbons!
How adorable! I just love the way you wove the ribbon through the eyelets- what a great idea. I'm working on one right now in hot purple S&C, and as I knit the increases I keep daydreaming about what might be done with those little holes...
How lovely! I really love the pink ribbon you added!
Congratulations on your impending Grandmom status!

The kimono is adorable.
How girly! I love it. The flowers and ribbons are great.
I agree - I love how you wove the ribbon through the eyelets! You did a beautiful job on this kimono!
That is so adorable! I love the ribbons and the little flower on the side. I am sure that your new grandbaby will be adorable wearing it!
that's adorable I love the little flowers :)
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Absolutely beautiful! Incredibly imaginative and well done. I just became a gramma again and it's a boy. Maybe I should get serious about a kimono! There have been many posted but yours really has my fingers itching!
That is so adorable ... I love the little flowers. So scrumptiously cute.

I absolutely love the kimono! So fabulous -- the little ribbon trim and the roses make it super special.
What a wonderful story! Congratulations on your grandbabygirl-to-be! Wonderful job of knitting! Darling finishing touches! Good for you for picking up needles! Knit on!
Your kimono is adorable! I really like the ribbon through the eyelets, and the embellishments.
That looks great, I love the embellishments you've done! Your grandaughter is lucky!
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