Thursday, August 24, 2006


Help with "Scribbling" and yardage?

Mason Dixon KAL
We bought some yarn to make a few of the scarves in the "Scribbling" section of the book. But. Trying to figure out what we really need (yardage) for our substitution(s). It says just use "a Thick" and "a Thin".
I am hoping someone who has made any of these can help me make sure we have enough of each. For the yarns we want to use, we have a ball of 33 yds. "thick" with a ball of 90 yds. of the "thin". In another combination the thick is 98 yards, and the thin is 90 yards. (?) In the book, the Thick is 83 yds. and the Thin is 350 yds. Was there LOTS of "THIN" left, or does it take that much really, and that little of the Thick????? Thanks for any help, we had our "heart set" on some colors and yarns and we want to try to get any additional while it is in stock at our LYS. :) Thank you, thank you.

I have made two scribble scarves. The first used a tape yarn (similar to Lion Brand Incredible) for the thick. I lost the label, but I believe it had around 100 yards. For the thin I used a Crystal Palace merino/mohair with around 250 yards. The second was with Colinette Giotto (144 yds -- thick) and Douceur et Soie (125 yds -- thin). In both cased I had leftover yarn -- but not a lot. Since mileage varies from person to person in how they use up a skein of yarn, I'd allow for at least 100 yds. of thick and 225 yds. of thin to complete a 60 " scarf. I used a size 13 needle.
Thank you for those detailed stats, Laura!
I'd buy an extra ball of each, just to be safe. I ran out of thick in the middle of mine (a Mango Moon tape-like yarn) and had to search for more.
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