Sunday, August 27, 2006


Sheep Don't Knit

I went to the Michigan Fiber Festival last weekend in Allegan. It was lots of fun. There were lots of animals (llamas, alpacas, sheep, rabbits, and goats). They also have vendors selling anything and everything fiber from roving to spinning wheels, to books, to yarn. I tried to interest a sheep in knitting a ballband warshrag but it didn't work.


That is freak'in hilarious!!! You should totally make t-shirts. Best picture ever of the 'warsh cloth' by far! I might have to steal the pic for my blog...he he.
LOL, fabulous picture! If that sheep only realized how much fun these warshrags are to knit, he might change his mind.
I love it!

I don't understand why sheep are so stubborn, tho. I visited some during our state fair while they were being shorn. They really do not grasp the concept of their importance to us!
Love it!! and so glad to see someone else from Michigan!! I'm from Troy, maybe we'll run into each other someday :)
I dunno, I think that sheep looks fascinated by your knitting! And yay for knitting in Michigan, although I'm far, far from Allegan (but not too far from Troy, lesliej!).
Of course he didn't want to knit a warshcloth's cotton.

You need some wool to entice Mr. Sheepie to get involved. ;-)

Nice picture ....the pink and white cloth looks great ....looks like you had a lot of fun.
Thanks for providing a smile first thing on a Monday morning. What a great picture!
I think the sheep is hoping you'll give her the washcloth when it's finished!

Great picture!
LOL Renee!!! The sheep should be totally in favor of those cotton warshrags, just sayin! xoxo Kay
That picture is a riot! The sheep would probably just want to chew on your knitting, I think.
I love your picture.
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