Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Hey Ladies (and Gents) . . . . .

I'm knitting a ballband washrag right now, but that isnt what my question is about. I would like to know if you can use LB Microspun for the One Piece Baby Kimono, and if I could use the same size needles or would I need to drastically change the needle size?? Also would Circular needles be better for this (I know it's knit flat)then straight needles?? The reason I ask this without just checking guage myself is that I dont have long enough needles, I have mostly dpns and if I could get a head start on size diffrences then I could order what I needed. I know that checking the guage is the only way to really know if the microspun will work. Thank you for your help.


You can use whatever yarn you want, just check your guage. Or make it as written and be happy with whatever size it is. It is for a baby. It will fit someone.
I use circular needles when I knit flat, a lot of people use circurlar needles when they knit flat, so go for it.
Have fun with the pattern, it is a very nice pattern to knit.
I used circular needles as I found it much easier. In fact I used my Denise needles so that I was able to leave the right side stiches live on an extra cord.

For my kimono I used TLC cotton plus which is a worsted cotton/acrylic blend. It worked great with no mods. I haven't used microspun, but it seems like it would work similar to the TLC Cotton Plus.
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