Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Kimono finished!

Here is my completed Kimono. Many thanks to all of you who gave me pointers on making a better kimono the first time around. I crochetted a ribbon tie on the inside so the kimono flaps wouldn't shift around (thank you for the warning, dana kbs!).

The yarn used was Idena Bambino Bomull. It's the softest 100% cotton I have ever worked with. It's also machine washable...I will definitely add more of this stuff to my stash.

I also made the baby a Victorian Baby Jacket and Petal Bib. Details at my blog.

Congratulations on all of your finished baby goodies! Lovely job! I especially like the sweater and hat. Some baby will be lucky indeed.
Did you do your increase one stitch in from the edge? Wish I had done that... my increase edge is coming out a bit funky. It is my first non-rectangular project though, and I know the next one will be better!
Hi Lynne,
I left a longer answer at your blog, but I'll leave one here too; I knit 2 stitches at the edge before doing a yarn over increase.

Thanks for your compliment, Shirley!
DOH! Thank you so much for the explanation Violiknit- it helped me realize that I was doing the increase at the end instead of the beginning of the row. Oh well- knit and learn! I'm sure the baby won't mind, and next time I'll get it right, and hopefully #2 will turn out as nice as yours! Thanks again.
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