Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Absorba - 10 strips?

Thanks to all who answered my question earlier. I am picking up too many stitches in the rows.

Also, where do you put the 10th strip? I have the center square and two strips on each side - that comes up to 9 strips.

Adding a 10th strip goes against my "Monk-ish" ways of liking symmetry. Where is it supposed to go? All the way around the mat?

I put my 10th strip across from the last strip that completed the square. This made it rectangular. My absorba was destined for the boyfriend who, upon completion, didn't think it was big enough. I ended up making another round (all the way around) which kept it rectangular but enlarged it enough to please the BF.

Every time I see it on the bathroom floor I see that failure of symmetry. I'm not going to say it bothers me (and I'm certainly not going to rip it out), but I just know it is there.
what is it with guys. i made the snazzy bath rug (or jazzy, don't have my book handy) and just started absorba and my husband said it needs to be at least twice as big as the other one! i don't mind the lack of symmetry, but it does get dull.
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