Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Canapone users?

Question for you---what size needles have you used with this yarn for the hand towels??

I'm wondering if I should get a 2nd ball & just double strand it???

I'm using US 4 needles. I initially started the moss grid towel with US 5s, but it looked too lacy. However, I found the moss grid pattern itself too fiddly for my tastes and switched to the wavy one, using just one color.

What size are you using?
I just got mine today (I heart elann!) & was trying to decide if I needed to go smaller (the label suggests 4's) or not. I started a small swatch w/ 5's & it's too loose.

I'll CO w/ 4's tomorrow & see how it looks! Thanks!!
I started a shawl from the Canapone, but I think I'll unravel it and make the towels instead. It won't take long; the shawl is only 5 inches long.
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