Saturday, September 02, 2006


Summer of Garter Stitch

I'd like to thank Kay and Ann for reinvigorating that humblest of stitch patterns: garter stitch. Between Log Cabining and Garterlac, I've had a lot of fun with garter stitch this summer. Cables and lace are all good fun, but it's great to find something that even someone with a chronically short attention span like me can knit while watching DVDs and not mess it up.

Stash Buster Log Cabin Afghan Absorba, the Great Bathmat

Log Cabin Lapghan (33" x 32") knit with scraps of Red Heart SuperSaver

Absorba (19.5" x 26") knit with 2 strands each of white and ecru Peaches and Creme, size 15 needles.

Next up for me: another Absorba (Christmas gift for Grandma) and a t-shirt rug.

From my Google searching it seems that the most common recipe for Calamari Knitting with t-shirts is to cut 1-inch strips and use size 35 needles. For those of you who have done this, is that right? How many shirts did you use?

Lastly, I noticed in the last Herrschners catalog that they now have 1 lb. cones of kitchen cotton for just $9.97. The brand is rather generic sounding (Village Yarn), but it comes in some great solid colors.


wow..that log cabin is beautiful!!! Great job!!
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