Friday, September 01, 2006


Warshrag hand towel?

My big sis wants me to make her a kitchen towel using the MD warshrag pattern. Anyone out there tried this? I'm thinking normal kitchen towel size that she can hang on the stove.

If anyone has done something like this, would you care to share your adjustments to the width and how it turned out?

Appreciate it!

If you travel back in time through the July and August posts you'll see many variations on the ballband warshrag...and I believe there's a towel-size one in the mix. Good luck.
I've seen someone that did it by using the ballband pattern on the ends, adn I think regular stockinette for the length of the towel.
i have made the ballband into dishcloths by adding 6 stitches to the width, 51 stitches, and i knit 21 of reverse stockinette stitch bands. it makes a nice size.
For mine I cast on 90 stitches and continued the pattern for 33 bands. It's really big 19x23". I love it! I have a picture of it on my blog if you are interested.
I made two dishclothes following the pattern you can find here:

This is the one posted in early August that has three rows of "bricks" on each end with garter stitch in the middle. Mine turned out really well.
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