Saturday, September 02, 2006


Bath Mat

I showed my mom the Mason Dixon Book and she took one look at the Absorba and said "Make that for me!" So I did. I made it in Lion Cotton White. There are gaps where I picked up stiches, but they occur everywhere so I'm calling it a design feature.

It's not the greatest picture, but it's hard to photograph white and show the ridges.

How many strands did you use?
Also did you knit it on US15s?
That looks great! I saw the lion cotton, but was not sure how it knits up. It obviously looks beautiful.
I used 3 strands. I inadvertently over looked the "double worsted" part of the instructions. I used size 15 Addi circulars. I think it came out thick enough. The lion cotton is very similar to S&C, but I thouhgt it was a bit softer.
Rally nice.
Really nice rug!
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