Sunday, September 03, 2006


Log Cabin Ideas

This top was made many years ago - long before the Log Cabin craze started by M-D but I thought it might help to send some of you off onto a new train of thought.

It is a very simple top with a slash neck and no sleeves - or, you might say, it is two squares joined together leaving holes for your head and arms, one of them being made from four smaller squares! It can be worn either way round but, if you go for the smaller squares on the front, take care to check that you will be happy with where the centres of the squares will lie!! You could make two of the large square instead - mirror images look better than two the same. Add sleeves if you want - pick up some stitches along the armhole edge and knit, straight or tapering slightly, until you get the length you want.

There isn't a pattern. If you are not too sure of the size, you can cheat and make the squares slightly smaller than you want then add plain/contrast edgings wherever necessary to get to the right size.

I haven't done it, but you could use the same approach to Curve of Pursuit (and other techniques you have already been practising) though you could end up looking a bit like a target. Posted by Picasa

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