Monday, September 04, 2006


Felted Box in Nature Wool

I'm another new KALer. I recently purchased the book and have been so inspired to try out new projects ever since. Here's my first try at the Felted Box. After felting I discovered the needle size mistake in the book. I will definitely be trying out more boxes soon.

Read more about my adventures with the box at my blog, Grin and Frog It.

I had the same problem with the needles size :( But - the box looks great.
Even small it looks great
Oh that is a perfect size to tuck Christmas cookies in!!!! Great job and I love the hard working dino modeling for scale!
I did the same thing with the needles...mine looks a lot like yours actually, colors and all. Nice job!
This looks great. I haven't tackled a box yet - still wrestling the mighty Log Cabin Blanket.

I especially like the dinosaur. He adds even more character to the piece!
Lovely! I love the yarn you chose.
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