Monday, September 04, 2006


Finished Blankies

I was finally able to deliver 7 hand knit and crocheted blankies to the director of Ukraine missions at my church yesterday. 3 blankies were made entirely of MDK squares. The others were made by friends and family members. AND my grandmother is furiously crocheting a border on the final MDK blanket as we speak. Thank you again to everyone who participated. Your generosity proves yet again that knitters are good folks! Richard promised pictures of the blankies with their recipiants. I will post them as they arrive. Posted by Picasa

sheesh, that's awesome! 7 blankets!
Wow!!! You have been so busy. Great job. They look wonderful.
They look great. I'm glad I was able to be a participant :)
7, that is awesome, and I'm glad to see that the Korea plane square made it in!!!! Thanks for sharing the photos.
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