Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Miter w/o The Sewing?

When Kay and Ann came to my local yarn shop, I think that I remember them saying there is a technique to create the miter blanket without having to weave in all the strings. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Am I just dreaming/wishful thinking?

Yes and it works very well... I think it actually makes it more fun.
Thank you! Thank you! I cannot wait to get started.
Re weaving in the ends: I don't think I mentioned it in the blog entry bfmomma links to, but Hoxbro's Domino Knitting describes an easy method of weaving ends as you knit. Won't work for all the ends (particularly some of those near the end of the miter), but it does substantially cut down on the number of ends left when the knitting is done.
you could also do the ever-so-lazy little trick that i do which is line the back with some comfy fabric. it makes it looks really nice and finished, AND no messy ends to weave in. anonyknits tutorial is really good though, i placed a link on the left side bar of the KAL.
Cristina, that sounds like a great idea, too!

Thank you for the great advice anonyknits. I will definitely pick up that book.

Thank you!
If the original question was asking if the miter squares can be joined without having to sew one to another, yes it can be done.

When one square is completed and one stitch remains on the needle, pick up half of the total cast on stitches (including the one on the needle) across the left side of the previously worked square then cast on the other half of the stitches.

example: original square CO 20
one stitch remains on needles
pick up 9 along left side of completed square
CO 10
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