Thursday, September 07, 2006


Amy (newamy) inspired me!

After seeing pics of Amy's beautiful layette (posted Tues. Aug 22nd) I decided to copy Amy & create my own. This is for one of the girls in my MOMS group who is having a little boy (durr) next month.

I'm still toying with the idea of trying to make pants to match the kimono. I figure if I CO 45 or 5o, knit enough rows to the crotch, 1/2 of my stitches on a holder & start decreasing down the leg & end in a ribbed cuff, repeat for other leg, BO & then repeat for the other side. Stitch the 2 pieces together & sew the top down enough to allow for a draw string???? I'm so NOT a designer so help me here! Would it work?? Maybe that's what I'll work on this afternoon.

Hi Laurie, if you want a pattern for knitted baby pants, check out 'Blu' in the archives. Very fun to knit and so cute (she says, modestly). xox Kay
What a fashion plate he will be with such a beautifully coordinated wardrobe!
Or google for "soaker pants"... you need to allow for more room in the butt than the front, so a simple straight-knit pants won't really work.

cute set, though!
Aw, Shucks.. (Blushing) I never aspired to actually inspiring anyone.
Thank you for mentioning me.

Your baby things are lovely. I'm sure the new mom will enjoy them.

I don't know about baby pants, pants are described in Barbara Walkers Knitting From The Top Down and I supposed could be adapted for a tiny person. There are pants for older babies in S&B Nation, with a devils tail, but you could leave the tail off, of course.
I'm probably a bit late chiming in here, but here are a couple of free baby pants patterns:
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