Friday, September 08, 2006



So I got my Herrschner's catalog today via mail, and they have a ton of kitchen cotton on cones, the best price I've seen barring sales.

Sugar -n- Cream $12.97/cone (They have a ton more colors available in the print catalog though...

Store Brand on Cones $9.97/cone (This one is all solids, but a fairly good selection of colors)

It's not dbl worsted, but I just use four strands of worsted for the projects that call for it. If there is a cheaper place to get it, (other than the awesome 6.97 Wal-Mart sale price once in a while) I don't know about it yet....

Happy shopping- Absorba #2, here I come!

Check out the yarn sale there. They have some handicrafter cotton on sale for $.77 a ball.

Our walmart carries Peaches and Cream cones for only $6.64 each and have many colors!

Hobby Lobby carries Sugar & Cream for $1.27 a ball and 6.97 a cone.
Meijer has Sugar & Cream cones on sale this week for $5! The price is only good through tomorrow, though.
For those in the NYC area, Smiley's is going to have 14 oz balls (!) of Bernat Handicrafter during their 6 day sale next week.
The best price I've seen for cotton is AC Moore's 1 lb packages of mill ends for $5.00- plus you can use their coupons for an added bonus (40% this week, 50% last week ). My store won't be getting any more :( , so if you have a AC moore handy it might be worth the trip to check -- they might still have some!
manda--hush up about Smiley's--that stash-enhancer belongs to me!
Check out the Elmore Pisgah (peaches and cream) website. Their cones(1#) are $6.70 if you order >6. They are super nice and ship quickly. "Me and my knittas" ordered bunches of the stuff then drove down to the factory to pick it up and sooo scored from their bargain bins! I can only say that now they are family.
I have to also chime in about the wonderful Elmore-Pisgah. I ordered 7 cones from them, got one wrong color and they shipped out the correct one free. They let me keep the wrong one as a gift. They RULE!!
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