Friday, September 08, 2006


mitered square question

I'd like to make a mitered square scrap blanket but I want to make the squares a little smaller and I can't figure out how many to cast on to get the smaller square if anyone has made smaller squares could you let me know how many to cast on?? I was thinking maybe half the size posted in the book, or close too it Thanks :)

If you cast on half as many stitches, the squares will be half as tall and half as wide as the original. This means the area of the squares will only be a quarter of the original. That's a very big size difference and would mean making an awful lot of squares.

If you want the finished square to be half the area of the original you need to divide the number of cast on stitches by 1.4 (It's all to do with Pythagoras' Theorem)

I believe there were 72 stitches for the original so you would need about 52.

Of course you can make them any size you want but, in my experience, small squares can be very tedious, and don't leave as much scope for striping.
TY for the help I'll try that and see how it goes
I have just finished knitting 56 of the smaller squares for my project. Cast on 48. The pattern starts with K21, SSK, K2tog, K2tog. Continue the pattern in the book from there. I changed colors every 4 rows and that makes it alot easier to remember the decrease pattern. Each time you change colors you knit the SSK, K2tog, K2tog decrease. I love this size square. Mine were about 4 inches square and I did the no-sew version (four squares knit together). Now I just need to find the time to sew them all together.
I did 48 stitch ones also, and then knit a 2 inch border around all of the squares. Each miter came out a bit more quickly than when I did the 72 stitch ones for Jenn's blanket also.
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