Sunday, September 10, 2006


Oh so Sad, but also Grateful

This is just so sad--my car got broken into and my totebag with a burpcloth and Addi Turbos was stolen! Luckily, I have memorized the pattern so my M-D book wasn't with the tote. And the humor in this? The theif was so excited to grab what s/he thought was a purse, s/he totally missed the bluetooth headset and ring resting in the drink holder. And even left 10 CDs and a battery charger. Instead, walked away with about $1 worth of yarn, a $5 totebag, and $15 worth of needles. From now on my car knitting will be in a see-through bag. Just wish I'd thought to take a picture of the broken window ;(


I do now carry a clear plastic knitting tote. I enjoy the benefit of seeing the colors of the current work in progress as I walk along. Now I will have another important reason to use the clear plastic.Thanks for sharing your disappointing experience. Hope you can get that window fixed and working normally soon.
Maybe the thief will be inspired to take up knitting?
sorry to hear about your car
So sorry, I really feel for you :(
Do you live in DC?

Same thing happened to my son last weekend, and the cops said it also just happened "down the street"
That's terrible!!!

Sorry you lost your stuff AND have to deal with a broken window.
Pam, so sorry about your car, and the shock & all. AND your lost knitting!!!! (I try to take my Doberman along with me everywhere we go! She's a handful, and very sassy, but a good theft deterrent!) Thank you for our ongoing posts about scribbler scarf. We started one, but want to switch to more of a ribbon for the thick. Hope you get your window back to normal and sorry about your ordeal. That was just plain mean of someone.
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