Monday, September 11, 2006


I have gone ballband crazy. Dishcloths and potholder sets along with Method dish soap will be given as gifts to all teachers this holiday season. I am ready to venture on to other MD projects. I would like to try a Log Cabin blanket. What yarns have you all found that work best? Recommendations?

The yellow is so cheery!!

That's a great gift idea! The teachers will REALLY appreciate something so useful!
Log Cabin....Discloth cotton is too heavy and doesn't hold its shape. I like the pattern and may try it with sportweight yarn.
Hi! I'm knitting my Log Cabin from plain ol' wool (Patons Classic Wool and Highland Wool from The wool is light and springy, and it holds its shape beautifully. And it's *warm*.

I posted my Log Cabin here earlier in August, but here's a direct link if you want to see it:

(It's much bigger now; I'll post a new photo soon.)

A cotton blend or wool blend might work nicely; it's amazing what a little acrylic or microfiber can do!
I'm making a log cabin blanket for our baby due in December. I'm using Bernat Cottontots and it's knitting up really well; it's very soft and a nice weight. They offer many colors but if you're making the afghan for an adult you may have a difficult time choosing appropriate colors (they seem more geared towards babies & children).
I just started mine - and am using mercerized cotton. I am nervous, since it feels a little rough, or stiff. Anyone tried it with this?
I'm making a log cabin moderne baby blanket with Blue Sky Alpaca dyed organic cotton. It comes in great colors; I'm using bright pink and oranges and green. It's not cheap, but incredibly soft and lovely.
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